Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You're the Topps

Joke page from Funny Li'l Joke Book Volume 28 of 44 - Looney Limericks, No. 2

These limericks from a series of joke books from Topps were illustrated by comics great Wally Wood. From the collection of artist Ronn Sutton.

Funny Li'l Joke Books 28 of 44


panavia999 said...

Love the rooster limerick! I recently had a rooster like that - and he also "don't crow like he uster" for the same reason.
Thanks for posting.

JamesFinnGarner said...

I have two books from the "Funny Lil Jokebook" bubble gum packs, Sports Jokes and Doctor Jokes. Don't know who did the illustrations, I'd have to go digging for them.

surly hack said...

Dig away.