Monday, February 22, 2021

Overthrowing a Switch

Some fellow has taken my place
A felon -- a fake -- with my face
Steals my pup and my life
Plus he's schtupping my wife
Invading my personal space!

Barry Nelson returns home one day to find his doppelganger has replaced him in The Man with My Face (Edward Montagne; 1951).

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

David's a Goliath

Filmmaker, screenwriter, teacher, critic, and LimerWrecks contributor David Cairns is a busy fellow. He's just finished a novel, We Used Dark Forces: A Whitsuntide Science Adventure, which you can purchase or read about here. David's mad scientist character Whisuntide is featured in his short film The Northleach Horror, free to watch here. I'm a big fan of David's deadpan comedy short, Cry For Bobo -- which you can watch here. David also co-directed and wrote the screenplay for the feature documentary, Natan. And don't forget to visit David's lively and informative blog Shadowplay. Like I said, a busy fellow.