Thursday, February 3, 2011

R.I.P. Maria

Adieu to Maria Schneider
In "Passenger" Jack rode beside her
Of all of her flicks,
with Brando, this chick's
remembered for butter inside her


D Cairns said...

Exploited by B Bertolucci
A strutting fat man like Il Duce
This poor troubled soul
Tried to flee from the role
Of the middle-aged ham's coochy-coochy.

surly hack said...

Some critics considered illicit
the sex in Last Tango, explicit
When Marlon used butter
to enter the gutter
Maria was never complicit

Schneider has said that she was not told beforehand about the infamous use of dairy product. She says she felt humiliated by the scene, and that her tears were real.

Norm Knott said...


surly hack said...

When Brando had sex scenes with Schneider,
both backward and forward he'd ride her
But he never rode
her fiancé Léaud,
in spite of his pitching a slider

JamesFinnGarner said...

I think you guys have found your muse.

or is it "moos"?