Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scum Boogie

While playing detective and slumming
she urges him on in his drumming
The jazz is so hot
she gives him a shot
His orgasmic-al solo is coming

Ella Raines and Elisha Cook Jr. beat it out in Phantom Lady (Robert Siodmak, 1944), adapted from a story by noir suspense great Cornell Woolrich. Read all about this great, sleazy, crazy scene at Sunset Gun. Image source:
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Joe Thompson said...

I mentioned in a comment on another posting that I'll watch any movie with Elisha Cook, Jr. Ella Raines is a nice bonus. Your limerick captures the movie nicely.

I recently read "Fighter Pilot", the memoirs of Ella's husband, fighter ace Robin Olds. He talks honestly about the effects each of their careers had on their marriage. He also describes buzzing a John Ford western location in a jet and disrupting production for two days. I would like to have heard Ford's comments on the event. I probably would have learned some new vocabulary.

surly hack said...

I'm with you on Cook. He's always great, and his characters are often the most interesting in the film.