Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pyramid Schemer

When Boris is bandaged in gauze,
I shudder in horror because --
I'm terribly wary I'll
Get premature burial
For breaking pharonical laws.

David Cairns

Boris Karloff as The Mummy (Karl Freund, 1932) provided David with more than a few childhood chills. Who doesn't love the monster makeup of Jack Pierce? The Mummy was a favorite of mine as well, and the flashback sequence with the slaughter of the tomb digging slaves always gave me a shudder.

David's original 3rd and 4th lines were: "I'm plagued with the worry I'll...Get premature burial". A discussion of this rhyme scheme led to the revelation that David hails from Scotland, where "bury" rhymes with "hurry", not "tarry". Once again, two cultures separated by a common language. Speaking of Scottish culture...

To sample the local cuisine
to Scotland three wise men had been
Each shaggy old magus

had gagged on the haggis

and then wouldn't leave the latrine


panavia999 said...

I had batter fried haggis in Edinburgh - it was delicious!

D Cairns said...

Wow... it's suspect enough when it's just boiled (but I like it). Not sure I would dare sample the deep-fried variety!

surly hack said...

So, does Paul Haggis come from a line of Haggis makers?

panavia999 said...

Incidentally, I washed down the fried haggis with Irn-Bru - delicious. I don't understand the attitude toward haggis, maybe some people make it badly, but I think it's great stuff. I'm not even scottish. I also love bagpipes, and single malt scotch whiskey and foggy weather.

surly hack said...

I consider myself an adventurous--if not 'extreme'--eater, but I've never had the chance to try haggis. The attitude comes from the stomach component--I have plenty of friends who blanch at eating certain parts of the beast.