Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shanghai Jester

Come visit the dark side of Frisco
A district that's slipp'ry as Crisco
Shanghai'd by a lady
Whose morals are shady
You may end up deader than disco

David Cairns

Orson Welles in The Lady from Shanghai (Welles, 1948). David Cairns is another of the many writers taking part in For the Love of Film (Noir). Be sure to visit his terrific blog, Shadowplay. And please consider helping the cause of film noir restoration at the Film Noir Foundation.

Images: just a few of the many San Francisco location shots from The Lady from Shanghai to be found at Film in America.


Anonymous said...

I love Orson Welles in this film. Really, I love Orson Welles always.

surly hack said...

Me too. Many complain about his accent, or being hammy, but his performances seem just as outrageously styled as his films.