Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lowly Matrimony

Forever this couple is bound
Their tether a love that's unsound
On cruelty and guilt
and fear it was built
Together their bodies are found

Barbara Stanwyck and Kirk Douglas make quite a pair in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (Lewis Milestone, 1946). We now pronounce this For the Love of Film (Noir) week. Please consider making a gift to the Film Noir Foundation at their wedding registry, here.

Lots of talented folks are taking part in this blogathon. There are links to many terrific blog posts over at the Self-Styled Siren, here, and at Ferdy on Films, here. The Siren and Ferdy are the femme fatales of film noir preservation.


panavia999 said...

That is a great image of Stanwyck and Douglas. What a weird tale. Can you imagine if they tried to remake it today? Ugh.

surly hack said...

They're remaking Mildred Pierce, and it could be good.