Monday, March 1, 2010

Yo, Canada

In Canada I'm a believer

I've caught their Olympic gold fever

I'll drink a Labatts
to Mounties in hats
and giant, inflatable beaver

You have to love a country that can laugh at itself as Canada did in the closing ceremony to the Olympic games in Vancouver yesterday. There were marching Mounties in mini-skirts, table-top hockey players, dancing canoes, lumberjacks and those massive moose and bloated beavers. Could China, Russia or the U.S. do the same? If Chicago held the 2016 games, would they parade enormous inflatable slaughtered hogs, or huge Al Capone bobble-heads with tommy-guns? I don't think so. Photos: George Bridges/MCT; Gerry Kahrmann/Canwest News Service/MCT; Jason Payne/Canwest News Service/MCT.

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