Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hughes Muse

Such pulchritude, let us peruse
It's worthy of multiple views
Those lips, pretty-pleasing
Our trigger she's squeezing
Here's looking at Mary Beth Hughes

Top and above: From Noir of the Week, Mary Beth Hughes fondles Erich Von Stroheim's gun and he takes a shot at her in The Great Flamarion (Anthony Mann, 1945); Below: Early 50s publicity photo courtesy of Brian's Drive-in Theater. Mary Elizabeth Hughes was born in Alton, Illinois. She starred in such low-budgeters as Free, Blonde and 21, Men on Her Mind, I Accuse My Parents, The Lady Confesses and Inner Sanctum, and appeared further down the credits in the upscale The Ox-Bow Incident and Young Man With a Horn. This one's for pal and Mary Beth fan, Andrew Pepoy.


Unknown said...

You can read her life sketch in the Nov and Dec issues of Classic Images Magazine

surly hack said...

Thanks, David. Is there an online link for the magazine that you can post here?