Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Here Two Eternity

Please join us and hoist up your beers
We've written these two endless years
With Swiss-crafted timing
each day we've been rhyming
silk purses right into sows' ears

Today is Limerwrecks' 2 year anniversary. Gosh, it seems like only 3 years. To all of you who've given me feedback and encouragement, thanks, Mom! A special tip of the cap to John (El-ahrairah) Barry, Mike (Goatdog) Phillips, Vince (Walt Hitman) Waldron, Gordon, Ben, Dame and Ruth for all their help behind the screens. And lastly but not leastly, an inappropriately long and sloppy kiss to Jim (Norm Knott) Siergey and Pete (Backthrow) Fitzgerald, who've been here since the beginning and for some reason still put up with my endless kvetching and kibitzing. There wouldn't be a Limerwrecks without them. That's right, it's their fault.

And lastly again, but lastly for the last time, to all you lurkers out there in the shadows of the!   --Surly

To Peter and Jim you-know-who
I raise up a mug of cold brew
Like Brits 'cross the pond
of warm beer they're fond
But don't call a toilet 'the loo'


Norm Knott said...

Two years it has been but who's countin'?
But, still, we could feel tension mountin'
We drank for three days
In my drunken haze
that urinal looked like a fountain

JamesFinnGarner said...

Happy anniversary, gents
and thanks for the lyrics you've pen'd,
With monsters and noir,
You've come very far,
My visits are always well spent.

surly hack said...

Though drinking for several days
and stinking, Norm still turned a phrase
"My need for libation
will be ruination...
I'm thinking I'll drink from bidets!"