Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paint Misbehavin'

When falling in love with a dame
the portrait and girl ain't the same
Two dreams of a wife
One's art, one is life
but one can't be kept in a frame

Gene Tierney and Dana Andrew in Laura (Otto Preminger, 1944). You'll find our earlier limerick on Laura, here. And a brief passage on the Portrait in Noir can be found at, here.


Backthrow said...

This happens when you're in the picture;
The locus of psychotic fixture
Are you paint? Are you flesh?
In his mind, both will mesh
The sum is a dangerous mixture!

surly hack said...

Welcome back, Backthrow!

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised at how many men try to keep their "Lauras" in a frame!

Suzi said...

I agree with anonymous.

surly hack said...

I disagree. Being a long time noir buff,I wouldn't be surprised.