Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The "Queen of Film Noir" is forever
To reach her all others endeavor
True love at first glance
as cute as lace pants
Claire Trevor looks better than ever

"Every Western had its saloon floozie, every gangster picture its moll--or several. These were the broads, the beaten-up dames (sometimes literally), hand on hip, cigarette dangling from their lips, usually blonde, cynical, warm-hearted and tough. No one was more sure-footed in these parts than Claire Trevor..." David Shipman, The Great Movie Stars--The Golden Years.

Steve at Back Alley Noir reminds us that yesterday would have been the 100th birthday of actress Claire Trevor. Trevor played it tough but tender in films such as Stagecoach, Dead End, Street of Chance, Murder My Sweet (where Moose Malloy found her "Cute as lace pants"), Crack-Up, Born to Kill, Raw Deal and Key Largo.

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