Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waikiki Weakened

A fish playing hooky from school, a
gal dancing to uke does the hula
How do they hold poses
without holding noses?
They're pros, and they do it for moolah!


When Hans pulled his finger from dyke
'cross farmland swam walleye and pike
And undersea lasses
sashayed in the grasses
as wet ukulele played Ike


Photo by Bruce Mozert, a pioneer in underwater
photography. Courtesy of


Norm Knott said...

Where's the editor at? Part of a line is missing and my limerick is ruined. RUINED!!!!
Good-bye, Pulitzer Prize.......

surly hack said...

My editing keeps you from riches?
Your pathos has put me in stitches
For I'm not to blame
for your lack of fame
Snafus here are due to blog glitches

Norm Knott said...

"Beware of the Blog!" Steve McQueen says
in his most unpopular screen test
You should make your goal
to have blog control
You leem-erick-writ-eeng old preen-cess

surly hack said...

Your comment turns smiles upside down
I think I'll pack bags and leave town
Before I depart
this thought I'll impart
You look rather hot in that gown