Monday, August 31, 2009

Tortured Pose

Dick Cheney is back in the news
objecting to torture reviews
He's gone on attack
'cause he's on the rack
and Justice is tightening screws

Former Vice President and defender of waterboarding Dick Cheney
is back at it, calling the Justice Department's new investigation into
whether CIA interrogators broke the law "an outrageous political act."
"It's clearly a political move," Cheney said. "There's no other rationale
for why they're doing this." Of course, there couldn't be anything
political about Cheney's enhanced protest techniques. (Reuters photo)


Mooki said...

Funny how things change. How evil does cheney seem when compared to Obama who personally authorizes assasinations of 'suspects'? What no more outrage? Why not?

surly hack said...

I think the question of bias or a double standard is a fair one in politics. And it would be in this case if you had forthrightly stated your own opinion on Bush and Cheney's actions as I have. You have not, so I owe you nothing.