Friday, August 14, 2009

Nude Orleans

For beads she had tossed off her bra
It happened just last Mardis Gras
And in the French Quarter
he doffed his supporter
Half nude they committed faux pas


Norm Knott said...

Diaphonous Diane did flout
her "girls" but would not take them out
But pink lemonade,
with gin added, made
her ladies stand up proud and shout

Norm Knott said...

Is that Dale Robertson lifting that lithe lovely?

surly hack said...

Looks a bit too swarthy for Robertson. But there was an Untouchables episode with Robertson. He played a really nasty and hideously primitive looking looking hit man. He was really hairy, with a unibrow and monster teeth--undergoes plastic surgery and becomes handsome Dale Robertson. Gets the girl, natch.