Sunday, August 2, 2009


Confined in convention hall maze
the show lasts five very long days
Plus nights blurred from drinking
I'm dazed and I'm blinking
When home I'll just lounge in a chaise

Back from the madness that is San Diego Comicon International.
It's far too crazy, crowded, and exhausting, but still a great place
to meet new friends in the comics biz and bump into old ones.
Favorite fanboy moments: meeting and talking with the gracious
and talented Ramona Fradon (below), the best Plastic Man
artist after Plastic Man's creator, Jack Cole. And meeting Berni
Wrightson and his lovely wife at the Creepy signing. One of my
favorite artists and a primary stylistic influence turns out to be a
swell guy. Be still, my beating heart.

Top 2 photos courtesy of Parka Blogs


Kevin Nowlan said...

No Hil, Ramona is in a class all her own and is certainly the definitive artist for Metamorpho and a few others... but YOU are the best Plas artist after Cole. It's a documented fact.

Backthrow said...

What Kevin said. I'm convinced Hil's version of Eel O'Brian was hatched out of a little plastic egg which is often sold in better toy stores near you.

surly hack said...

Like Eel O'Brien, you guys must have been doused with acid. But in your case it was lysergic acid.