Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shrill Wind

A wind from the North is prevailin'
hot air that is blowin' from Palin
We aren't believin'
her reasons for leavin'
Perhaps she'll shove off and go whalin'

On book tour she's hoping to go
or TV to host her own show

It matters not where
We really don't care
But wish that away she would blow

Though claims that she puts "Country First"
on subject she isn't well versed
Her family's creed
was once to secede*
That's patriotism reversed

Like Limbaugh and radical right
this yahoo craves spotlight that's bright
media hogs
will shrivel exposed to the light

*Source: Los Angeles Times Opinion piece by Rosa Brooks, 9/4/08

Over the years, Palin has actively courted the Alaska
Independence Party, or AIP, an organization that supports
Alaskan secession from the U.S. To be clear, we're not ne-
cessarily talking about friendly secession either: As the AIP's
founder, Joe Vogler, told an interviewer in 1991: "The fires of
hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American
government. ... And I won't be buried under their damn flag."

The McCain campaign denies that Palin ever joined the AIP. But
while it is in dispute whether she attended its 1994 convention,
she did visit the 2000 one and addressed AIP conventions in 2006
and 2008. Her husband, Todd, was a registered AIP member from
1995 to 2002, and the AIP leadership certainly considers her one
of their own. -Rosa Brooks

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