Monday, July 20, 2009

Park Your Wienermobile, Big Boy?

A car that had boar on the floor
was rammed through a poor garage door
The driver's demeanor
and giant red wiener
implied that they wanted to score

And the Oscar Mayer Goes To...

A parking job none would admire
Perhaps the car blew out a tire

The driver's mistake?
Not hitting the brake
Distraught at the loss of O. Mayer

On the heels of the death of Oscar Mayer the 3rd
comes this tragic Wienermobile accident. AP photo.


Norm Knott said...

The Weinermobile, quite lust-bent,
a-thrusting and busting it went
But everything's cool
The weiner's no fool
It always wears it's condom-ment!

surly hack said...

Maybe we should do a sausage week...

Norm Knott said...

You mean, a best of the wurst?

surly hack said...

Yeah. When I post it I'll send you