Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Color Her Crazy

This gal has a thing for her dad
In love, she obsesses a tad
She's likely to slay
what gets in her way
but Gene isn't evil, she's mad

Watch Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven
John M. Stahl, 1945) and you'll find that one of the
greatest noir melodramas is in screaming Technicolor.

Images thanks to Out Of The Past Classic Film Blog
and DVD Beaver, among others


Brian Churilla said...

Have to see this film. That shot in looking down the stairs is tremendous.


surly hack said...

It is a truly unique film. The perfectly calibrated over-the-top melodramatics of women's picture maestro John Stahl meet the screaming freudian forties script and the stylized technicolor mastery of Leon Shamroy. Try and see it on screen, not tv. It is worth the effort.