Friday, July 31, 2009

Pout of the Past

In noir, actress Lizabeth Scott
has pouted through many a plot
Seductress and moll
or blonde femme fatale
"The Threat" tied the men in a knot

Born Emma Matzo, studio publicity dubbed Scott "The Threat," attempting to create a persona for her similar to that of Lauren Bacall or Veronica Lake. Scott's smoky sensuality and husky voice lent itself to the film noir genre. Perhaps no other actress has appeared in as many noirs, which include The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Pitfall, Too Late For Tears, Desert Fury, Dark City and Dead Reckoning.

I sent the above limerick to a few friends and asked for feedback. I wanted their opinion on whether Liz Scott pursed her lips or pouted. Here are their replies, made in limerick form. -Surly

When one's lower lip gets pushed out,
one normally calls that a pout
When lips are drawn tight
like they're full of fight
then "pursed" is the term for that mout'

Norm Knott

Why talk about Lizabeth Scott?
Worth mentioning? Nay, not a jot!
Her aping of Bacall
Interests me not at all.
Compare her to Lake? Please do not!

Mike Phillips, aka Goatdog

I could not agree with you more
What Ms. Scott produces ---a snore!
Her bag-laden eyes,
a voice like a guy's...
I'd rather go watch Eric Blore

Norm Knott

I feel that in fairness to Scott
her fans should be given a shot
Her noir work, when cited
a furor ignited
and in her defense I got squat


As a rebuttal on behalf of Ms. Scott, there's adulation aplenty on the Lizabeth Scott Homepage, here

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