Thursday, April 3, 2008

The West Is History

Jesse James on this day was shot dead
With a five grand reward on his head.
Bobby Ford fired
And Jesse expired.
On the wall hung a picture, crook-ed.


Backthrow said...

The whole scene, Ford repeated on stage
For a time, it was simply the rage
To see this man Howard
Shoot Jesse --the coward!
In the back... neither reached an old age

surlyh said...

A gun, in scene one, must be shot
When done, in the play, one knows not
But if flabbergasted
When gun is then blasted
Then plot, 101, you’ve forgot

Norm Knott said...

Great scores of actors drew acclaim
Portraying outlaw Jesse James
From Power to Pitt
But not Eartha Kitt
Film frames are too tame for some dames

surlyh said...

B. Stanwyck, in Western, used whip
And drove her ranch hands at a clip
With dizzy crane shots
And wildest of plots
I'd say Forty Guns was a pip