Friday, April 4, 2008

Castle Creep

by Backthrow
Hollywood Bureau

Castle's odd masterpiece was THE TINGLER
Vincent Price, and his spine intermingler
The thing grew on fear
Kids got zapped in the rear
The result: a cash register jingler!

13 GHOSTS, his next foray in Fear
Bill provided "Illusion-O" gear
For those who were chickens
Scared out of their Dickens
Could choose to see spooks disappear

Looky-looky-looky-looky-looky! Step right up! You can't afford to miss the above William Castle double-feature of 13 GHOSTS (1960) and THE TINGLER (1959) on Turner Classic Movies' "TCM Underground" tonight, starting at 2:00 AM (EST)! For just the eighth part of a day, you can prove to your friends that you can face the cold and clammy grip of fear, and live to tell the tale!

And for the hale and hearty amongst you, watch out for Limerick Of The Day's William Castle Week, later this month, right here on the inside, at this blog --presented in the startlingly modern cyber-miracles of Html-scope (tm) and Rhymerrround (tm)!

1 comment:

surly hack said...

Believe in these celluloid ghosts?
I know I believe in film hosts
Like Castle and Hitch
Who claim films they pitch
Will scare you as stiffly as posts!