Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another slain by Time, assassin

by Backthrow
Hollywood Bureau

Sad news to report, of the passin'
Of world-class director, Jules Dassin
Brute Force through Topkapi
Not one of them crappy
New viewers: my seatbelt I'd fasten!


surly hack said...

Defamed in obit by AP
As commie, a Red, and lefty
Whose writers insist
On reviving blacklist
And won’t let the dead R.I.P.

surly hack said...

You say Top-Cappy, I say Tup-Copy…don't listen to me. When I was a kid I thought that you pronounced "Sub-Mariner" as if he had a periscope.

Norm Knott said...

Ol' Doc Seuss was really Ted Geisel
This info I got from a wise old
Guy known as Goldie
Who also told me
That misled should be said as misled

surly hack said...

Take Dassin’s dark Night and the City
A view of mankind that ain’t pretty
Brute Force is the same
A brutal con game
These noirs posit world, nitty gritty