Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Good Steed Goes Unpunished

by Norm Knott
London after dark Bureau

There once was a man named John Steed
A proper and smart man indeed
He ne'er copped a feel
Off fair Emma Peel
He knew in his groin he'd be kneed


Backthrow said...

Since Peel crushed all mashers like gnats
Steed checked all the relevant stats
So wary of dangers
Though neither were strangers
He made sure they kept separate flats!

surlyh said...

Like Pauline, she was tied to the tracks
And was strapped in for torture on racks
But soon she was freed
By trusty John Steed
And to villains delivered the smacks

Norm Knott said...

Come on, boys, enough, let's get real
And cease this obsession with Peel
Many years have passed
For that lovely lass
She now has to gum her oatmeal

surlyh said...

Pot/kettle, my friend, soon will we
We’re all getting old, don’t you see?
View those aging lasses
Through rose-colored glasses
In nursing homes you will par-tee!