Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Raise the Brigitte, Lower the Bar--d'oh!

par Backthrow
Bureau de Paris

Sex-kitten-turned-hag named Bardot
spewed slurs from her lips in a flow
foul tongued diarrheas
may end in "Le Guan-tan-amo"!

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surlyh said...

When aiming at targets this easy
You risk being labeled as sleazy
If applause you desire
Aim guffaws a bit higher
(Though Bardot in that pic made me queasy)

Norm Knott said...

Yeah, back in the day, sex meant B.B.
But time takes its toll, as you can see
Her pout's no more
She's chins galore
But still, in my pants, I feel "oui, oui!"