Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ape Jam

by Backthrow
Zoological Bureau

There once was a clumsy baboon
Who's head got stuck in a spittoon
Though he struggled and strained
On his skull, it remained
So he shrugged, and then joined a platoon


Norm Knott said...

Although blind as bats, the baboons go on
Not nearly as graceful as the sleek swan
They bump into trees
They can't scratch their fleas
Etcetera, so forth and so on

surlyh said...

As baboon crawled over a dune
The heat made the beast nearly swoon
A search for mirage
Had led to voyage
It died when it dried up too soon

Norm Knott said...

The big baboon by light of moon
Banged on spittoon with wooden spoon
It was, alas, in vain
And this did cause him pain
He rued his hair-do that was ruined