Thursday, February 22, 2018

Day For Dwight

Go to guy for mad science-type fun
Prefers spiders and flies--hold the bun
Likes a castle or lab
A black mass would be fab!
Who knows why ol' Dwight Frye has a gun.

Remembering the birthday of a favorite among character actors, Dwight Frye (February 22, 1899 – November 7, 1943). Dwight Iliff Frye didn't only play lackeys in horror films., and by all accounts he was a normal guy. Title by odd fearing Donald B. Benson. Above: Frye is a rare book forger In Fast Company (Edward Buzzell;1938), here getting the drop on Louis Calhern. Below: Frye enjoys a couple of beers at the beach with his wife Laura, son Buddy, and mama with the dog.

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