Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Velvet Touch of Evil

When crossing the border by crane
We see Rudy Linneker slain
A subsequent crime
Is solved in no time
Since the culprit neglected his cane.

David Cairns

Janet Leigh and Charlton Heston cross the border in Orson Welles's noir masterpiece, Touch of Evil (aka Badge of Evil, 1958) . This entire opening scene in a single crane shot is one of the most elaborate and celebrated in film history. Watch it on Youtube, here. Image source: DVD Beaver.


panavia999 said...

"When crossing the border by crane": I laughed so much it was hard to read the rest of it. The much celebrated opening sequence sometimes shows it's technique too much.

panavia999 said...

Really OT, but remember SCTV's Johnny LaRue wanting a crane shot for his show, but management won't spend the money to rent a crane. LaRue finally collapses late at night,drunk in the snow, and Santa gives him his crane shot. It's funny and a little sad, one of John Candy's genius moments.