Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grease Monkeyshines

When fleeing from bullet-barrage
the place to hole-up's a garage
So try not to panic
Become a mechanic:
You'll be safe till at least the montage

David Cairns

David reminds us that Impact, The Killers, and Out of the Past all feature heroes who lie low by working in gas stations. Top: Robert Mitchum and Paul Valentine chat about old times in Out of the Past (1947); Above: Ella Raines gets greasy in Impact (Arthur Lubin, 1949). Image source: hal0000; Lost in the Frame.

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surly hack said...

Fill 'er up with some gas and some oil
and I'll give you a tip for your toil
Check under the hood--
he's up to no good
So watch out for the gunsel's recoil