Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doubles Exposure

Identical girls, one is bad.
But how can an ID be had?
The vamp's negligee
gives her badness away,
while the good girl's more modestly clad.

David Cairns

The Guilty (John Reinhardt, 1947), starring Bonita Granville and Don Castle. Based on a novelette by Cornell Woolrich, this modest Monogram mystery has Granville as twins, though the entire twins bit was added for the film. David first posted this as a comment on an earlier rhyme on the same film, Double for Nothing.


D Cairns said...

To keeping budgets under control
Don't throw money into a hole
Cast an actress as twins
And economy wins
'Cause you pay by the day, not the role.

D Cairns said...

Argh. "To keep".