Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hairy Larry

The son of the Talbots, named Larry,
At campfire of gypsies would tarry
By full moon one night
He suffered a bite,
Contracted a curse and grew hairy.

Lon Chaney Jr. in his most famous role, The Wolf Man (GeorgeWaggner, 1941). The Countdown to Halloween is howling mad.


D Cairns said...

He may sit all day long smoking Woodbines,
Or loll around, languid and supine,
But by moonlight he'll lope,
A berserk lycanthrope,
With a countenance horribly lupine.

D Cairns said...

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Wolfman Scorned

E'en a man who is pure in his heart,
Can wake in the night with a start,
When the autumn moon's bright,
He'll give you a fright,
Before ripping your entrails apart.

After Curt Siodmak. Long, long after.

surly hack said...

Lon Chaney had scored playing "Lenny"
But good roles since then weren't many
For following dad
Lon had to play "bad"
The "junior" just like a bad penny