Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eat, Slay, Love

The zombies are roaming the swamp
They stumble and stagger and clomp
When getting the munchies
they crave something crunchy
On southern-fried brains they will chomp

Selected panels from Zombie Wedding at Slaughter Swamp, from Creepy #4, available from Dark Horse comics. The story was written in classic 1970s drive-in horror flick style by Nick Cuti and drawn by yours surly. Creepy and all art © New Comic Company, LLC. All rights reserved.
If you like creepy comics, keep a bloodshot eye peeled for The Horror! The Horror! by Jim Trombetta, a gorgeous new book on pre-code horror comics from the 1950s.

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JamesFinnGarner said...

Awesome. Will look for it.