Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corpus Crispy

Doc Frankenstein must be destroyed!
I guess he has someone annoyed
With murder and raping
the bottom he's scraping
The old death-by-fire's employed

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed! (Terence Fisher, 1969)


D Cairns said...

You awake on the scientist's slab,
In the bubbling gloom of his lab,
The stitching is shoddy,
Upon your new body,
Your complection is pallid and drab.

You don't think of yourself as a creature,
In spite of your alien features,
Your wife screams in terror,
But where was your error,
In innocently trying to reach her?

surly hack said...

You write from the a strange p.o.v.
The monster's, a 'de-amputee'
For whom they played taps
Now, but for some straps
Would cause all the townsfolk to flee