Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wax Eloquence

Committing unspeakable acts
a sculptor dips victims in wax
Though shot by a guy
with only one eye
this pushed 3-D depth to the max

House of Wax (André de Toth, 1953) stars Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk and Charles Buchinsky (later Bronson). Having only one eye, director de Toth had no stereoscopic perception, yet produced what is considered by many to be the most effective use of 3-D photography of the 1950s.


MrsHenryWindleVale said...

A Succession of Evils (HOUSE OF WAX)

Gloating Price's malice fairly sings;
Bronson -- henchman -- lingers in the wings.
Each his era's chosen brute ...
Who's the worst? The point is moot.
We viewers simply wait for worser things.

~ posted elsewhere under the name Chris Schneider (copyright 2010)

surly hack said...

He'd stare and he'd strain and he'd squint
but couldn't glint even a hint
One eye guarantees
a lack of 3-Ds
when screening a mint 3-D print