Monday, April 19, 2010

The Too Late Show

As housewife, she's lacking the skills
She'd rather be racking up thrills
This cold-hearted honey
finds a suitcase of money
And to keep it, she lies, cheats and kills

Dan Duryea and Lizabeth Scott are Too Late For Tears, aka Killer Bait (Byron Haskin, 1949), screenplay by Roy (The Fugitive) Huggins. Photo: Hollywood Pinups. Pick your poison, it's another Noir Week at Limerwrecks.


Norm Knott said...

What more can one hope for or pray?
This flick co-stars Dan Duryea
As shmoe or tough cad
Dan makes you feel glad
you went to the movies that day

Norm Knott said...

And as for Ms. Lizabeth Scott,
there are some who think that she's hot
They dig her deep voice
Her pout they enjoys
My stomach she ties in a knot

surly hack said...

When writers here give her the biz
I feel for poor put upon Liz
They say she's old hat
her acting is flat
champagne that is lacking the fizz

MrsHenryWindleVale said...

The appeal of Miss Scott simply wrecks us;
Her louche charm whacks a guy's solar plexus.
As for moral and plot,
What's this noir-ish "Tears" got?
Sex and threat and (ahem) "the cash nexus."

~ copyright 2010, by "Chris Schneider"