Friday, April 2, 2010

Badu Saved From Drowning

The musical artist, Badu
has filmed what we used to call "blue"
A Dallas death scene
that some find obscene
Which they, she will say, misconstrue

Norm Zapruder

The footage is shocking to see
But what it might mean, none agree
A strip-teasing stroll
right past grassy knoll
I think that it says "Look at me!"


1 comment:

Michael Wurl said...

Good one, Surly!

I think I'd rather watch JFK's head getting blown apart than watch this 'lady' strip down to the buff in public, or in private...
hmmm...that still doesn't sound right...I mean I'd rather watch LBJ lifting hound dogs by their ears than watch...wait, that still sounds bad...