Monday, April 12, 2010

Hocus Pocus, Out of Focus

The paddle-balls bounce and careen
and actresses scrub and come clean
In matters of taste
3-D was a waste
but who wants 3-D that's serene?

Don your red and blue glasses folks, because it's 3-D Week at Limerwrecks. A whole week on fifties "depthies" is comin' at ya! Top: Paddle-ball is the rage in House of Wax (1953); Above: Jane Russell blows her bubble bath in her 3-D musical, The French Line (1954). To find our earlier limericks on 3-D, click here.


MrsHenryWindleVale said...

"Heroines from the Age of 3-D:
A Quasi-Clerihew"

Phyllis Kirk
Was prone to shirk.

Barbara Rush?
Hysterical mush!

But Jane Russell
Showed her muscle.

~posted elsewhere under
the name "Chris Schneider"

surly hack said...

Thanks for the 3-D actress rhymes. i would only add this about the leggy star of The Creature From the Black Lagoon:

Julia Adams
outswam other madams.