Monday, October 7, 2013

You Thaw the Howl of the Moon

In a freezer, cooped up and preserved,
Snoring Zs, this half-lupine's observed
Though unnaturally formed
With a match he is warmed
By a sleaze who's stooped-over and curved.

Surly Hack and David Cairns

Larry Talbot, the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr), thawed from an ice block by the hunchback Daniel (J. Carrol Naish) in House of Frankenstein (Erle C. Kenton, 1944). Title by David Cairns, who likes a howler.


Wings1295 said...

Love Lon Chaney, Jr. He was great. Love his performance in Spider Baby!

surly hack said...

I have heard tell of the craziness that is Spider Baby, but have yet to see it.