Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chaney Thaw Massacre

He's a werewolf they thawed out from ice
But the square they call Lawrence is nice
When restored from his coma
He's adored by a Roma
Though his hair is still crawling with lice.

Lon Chaney Jr is heart-throb Lawrence Talbot, the Wolf Man, in House of Frankenstein (1944). David Cairns thawed up the title.

To those of you who may be joining us for the Countdown to Halloween, welcome! We're currently in the midst of our chronological chronicling of every mad, monstrous and minor moment in the Universal Frankenstein series. Feel free to to stumble about in our archives, arms outstretched.

To our regular readers, the Countdown to Halloween is a month-long internet celebration of all things that go boo in the night. Please visit the Countdown's home page to find links to the many, many participating blogs and sites.

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