Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fly and the Mighty

The thing in the web is appalling
One peek and our skin started crawling
A science-bred freak
that's trying to speak
One heave puts an end to its bawling

Herbert Marshal, Vincent Price and Charles Herbert finalize The Fly (Kurt Neumann, 1958). Image source: Monster Island News; Gregory's Shock Theater; Wrong Side of the art.


D Cairns said...

Mix mammal with mere arthropod
And the results will end up looking odd
A fly head on a bloke
Is a grisly joke
And the punchline's man's head on fly's bod.

surly hack said...

A chip off some horrible block,
the fly/man caused nausea and shock
This hybrid of freaks
who provided the shrieks
was eclipsed by a very large rock

surly hack said...

Ach! I just noticed I reused "freak".