Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bed, Bloodbath and Beyond

If bathtime's too boring for you
Try soaking in deep crimson grue
Ablutions seem duller
Without Technicolor
Let red be your personal hue.

David Cairns

Vincent Price takes a bath in The Tingler (William Castle, 1959).


surly hack said...

I'm drawing a bath before bed
There's hot and there's cold running red
The plumbing is creaky
and something is leaky
The body of water has bled

D Cairns said...

In the bathroom you're taking the plunge
With your loufa, your flannel and sponge
But when you're done disrobin'
Your tub's haemoglobin
Has turned to a big mess of gunge.

surly hack said...

The bath's crimson and viscous and icky
Like a simmering bisque thickened sticky
From the tap something poured
like a chap had been gored
for a grim flavored Squishee at Kwik-E