Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ooze and Oz

Where farmhouses spin in the sky
and witches will shrivel and die
The wizard is scary
and trees are nightmare-y
and monkeys wear jackets and fly.

The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming [and others], 1939) is one of the most vivid and terrifying memories of my childhood--and I only knew it in black-and-white on television. Margaret Hamilton was a wicked witch to remember. This tops my personal Childhood Chills.


Jack Veasey said...

Still one of my all-time favorite films. To quote one of the grouchy trees, "How would you like it if someone came along and picked something off of you?"

Norm Knott said...

A flying monkey wouldn't care.

panavia999 said...

My older brother was terrified of the witch and the flying monkeys. I loved them. The wicked witch was always my favorite character.