Saturday, January 8, 2011

Four Star General Electric

His act at the carnival shows
is taking the juice 'til he glows
A doctor then jolts
the dolt with more volts
and charges the guy 'til he blows

As part of his nefarious plan to build a superhuman army, mad scientist Lionel Atwill turns sideshow performer Lon Chaney Jr. into a Man-Made Monster (1941).


panavia999 said...

Who holds the record for playing mad scientists on film? Karloff? Atwill? Zucco?

surly hack said...

Those would certainly be my top three guesses. Atwill also had quite a rep in real life.

Anonymous said...

hi i need to know who is who

surly hack said...

Really? Chaney is the glowing title character, and Atwill is the scientist in lab coat and goggles.