Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jungle Book of Names

Once Jane had stopped playing it coy
she soon bore a bundle of joy
Her favorite names
were Jay, Jon and James,
but Tarzan kept calling him "Boy"

So long to actor Johnny Sheffield, who died last October. The late actor’s widow, Patty, has stated that Johnny suffered a heart attack four hours after falling off a ladder while pruning a palm tree. “He was a jungle boy to the end,” Patty said.

Starting with Tarzan Finds a Son (1939), Sheffield played Boy in the Tarzan films, and later the title character in his own series, Bomba the Jungle Boy. Top: Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan and Johnny Sheffield in Tarzan's Secret Treasure (Richard Thorpe, 1941); Above: With Cheeta the chimp in Tarzan's New York Adventure (Thorpe, 1942); Below: Sheffield as Bomba.

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Norm Knott said...

To "Bomba" he went from just "Boy"
So filled was he with jungle joy
From Hollyood buzz
the sordid truth was
he used to be Cheetah's "boy toy"