Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrecks and the City

With hookers and lowlifes and dope
a cop's at the end of his rope
But then, while away,
encounters a Ray
of love and renewal and hope

Robert Ryan and Ida Lupino find themselves On Dangerous Ground (Nicholas Ray, 1952), a rare romantic and optimistic note in the Ryan filmography. The upbeat ending was forced on director Ray, who wanted Ryan's troubled cop to return to the city, albeit as a changed man.


panavia999 said...

Another winner. My favorite Lupino/Ryan pairing. I'll always watch a movie if Lupino is in it.
I'll almost always watch a Ryan movie. (I'm not big on some war movies. An actor must work!)

surly hack said...

It's a terrific film, isn't it? Try Anthony Mann's Men in War for a great war film with Ryan.

panavia999 said...

Many thanks for the tip Mr. Hack. I like war or combat dramas, such as 12 O'Clock High, Command Decision, Away All Boats, Dam Busters, Le Grand Illusion or Steel Helmet as opposed to plain shoot 'em ups.