Monday, November 29, 2010

Racket Bluster

A canary who who murdered "da boys"
loved danger but didn't like noise
She lived on a diet
of strict peace and quiet
A silencer's one of her toys

She hates the racket, get it? No, Lizabeth Scott is not a hit-woman in The Racket (John Cromwell, 1951), she's a nightclub singer caught between racketeer Robert Ryan and crusading police captain Robert Mitchum. In addition to the credited director, Mel Ferrer, Tay Garnett, Nicholas Ray and Sherman Todd all shot scenes for controlling producer Howard Hughes. It's a remake of a Hughes produced film of the same name from 1928.


Norm Knott said...

Enough with the racket already!
It's making me feel quite unsteady
If all of you boys
don't stop making noise
I swear, I won't wear my black teddy!

surly hack said...

Her hopes for a nap had been crushed
when somewhere a toilet was flushed
For when it kept running
her anger was stunning
With dynamite sticks it was shushed

Norm Knott said...

The poor gal tried counting some sheep
but, still, she could not fall asleep
While pacing the floor
She dialed up Al Gore
and snoozed to the words of ex-veep