Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Space Suited

It seems that most guys who fly rockets
wear space-suits with belts full of pockets
Their long-legged femmes
attract B.E.M.s
with eyeballs that bulge from their sockets

Three 1950s covers by the great Wally Wood,
who defined the art of science fiction in comics.
Glossary note: B.E.M.s are Bug-eyed Monsters.
Steve Mannion sent along this link to the original
art to original Wood E.C. art, including the Weird
Science-Fantasy cover seen above, here.
Steve is a big Wally Wood and E.C. fan. Check out
his fantastic E.C.-inspired art at his blog, here.


steve mannion said...

Hey Hilary,
Coming out of lurk mode here to say "hi"...Also for anyone interested-the original of that Weird Science Fantasy #27 cover is up over at Comic Art Fans


It really is a sight to behold!

surly hack said...

Hey, Steve. Thanks for the link, and thanks for lurking in the dark, which is quite appropriate when talking about E.C.