Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shadows Master

In corners where cobwebbing clings
his shadows hide horrible things
Each pen and brush stroke
the Gothic evokes
Of moodiness Wrightson's the king.

 More than any other comics artist that emerged in the 1970s, Bernie Wrightson carried on the grand tradition of EC comics. The artistic heir to 'Ghastly' Graham Ingels, Wrightson's style also contains equal measures of fellow EC alums Jack Davis and Frank Frazetta.

All art by Berni Wrightson. Top: 'Jennifer', written by Bruce Jones;
House of Secrets cover and The Shadow ad for DC; Early comics page.


Kevin Nowlan said...

These examples are just amazing. I love how he uses deep space and forced perspective in the Jenifer panels.

surly hack said...

Jennifer is easily my favorite story drawn by Wrightson. All of the visuals--including the devices you mention--serve to enhance the feeling of entrapment and doom in Bruce Jones' dark and haunting story.

Kevin Nowlan said...

It's such a great, disturbing story. Wrightson working in wash was a nice bonus.