Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picture Bookie

The comics have ruined my brain
Just text now is hard to sustain
Love Lone Wolf and Cub
but here is the rub:
Bill Faulkner is far too much strain


Norm Knott said...

O, Henry's a bald-headed mute,
Virginia Woolf's not so hirsute,
The Superman I
Grew up with can fly--
So who is this Nietzsche galoot?

---Graham Greene Arrow

Norm Knott said...

James' Joyce was a verbose young thing
She went once to Melville to swing
The burg was so dull
She ended it all
By chokin' on Tolkien's cock ring

Norm Knott said...

The sound, not the fury's what gets ya
And gravity's rainbow's what wets ya
Your house may be bleak,
Your brave new world weak,
But great expectation's what frets ya

surlyh said...

You top me in literate wit
and do it all lickety split
You read the best books
in library nooks
I read crap in the can while I sit