Friday, August 8, 2008

Faster, Pussycat! Swill! Swill!

How fast can I write one of these?
Quite fast, if you ask, pretty please
It's like fire drill
but content is nil
A case of no forest, just trees


surlyh said...

In "Speed" Reeves and Bullock were stars
Drove bus that careened off of cars
They couldn't drive slow
or bomb there would blow--
"Speed Metal" without the guitars

Norm Knott said...

Russ Meyer asked Tura Satana
How fast she could eat a banana
"Quite quickly", said she
"Once I ate every
Chiquita there was in Atlanta!"

surlyh said...

I wrote that first verse in a flash
and somehow it ain't a mish mash
It took under four
li'l minutes to pour
that rhyme scheme all out in a dash